Czech Joy in Czech Cinemas

A joint project of Ji.hlava IDFF and Verbascum Indigo focusing on cinema distribution of selected Czech documentary films

Czech Joy in Czech Cinemas is a joint cinema distribution project offering a selection of Czech documentary films shown at Ji.hlava IDFF, namely in the Czech Joy section, organised by the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in cooperation with the distribution company, Verbascum Imago. The Ji.hlava festival, and especially its Czech competition section, has thus become a global film event offering the most interesting films from the Czech documentary production in cinemas immediately after the festival. The joint distribution and promotion project has been supported by the Czech State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography. The project also included a conversion of the films to the DCP format so that they could be shown in digitised theatres. Films are also available on DVD and BR discs for all other theatres or DVD clubs, schools, public houses and other similar facilities.

The selection contains five films, of which at least three have to be shown in each cinema that takes interest in participating in the project, depending on its time possibilities and preferences. When this requirement has been met, films can be shown without other restrictions, according to the interest in individual film titles. Experience has shown that documentary films have good attendance if offering Q&As with the filmmakers. Therefore, we always try to arrange delegations of filmmakers to screenings whose organisers show interest in Q&As.

“Czech documentary films are no longer produced only for TV screens. They are works of cinema that deserve a large screen, good sound and concentrated audience. It is great news that Czech Joy in Czech cinemas brings a selection of remarkable Czech documentary films in dozens of theatres all across the Czech Republic. Come and experience creative Czech documentary talent for yourselves,” says Marek Hovorka, the director of Jihlava IDFF.

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