7th Ji.hlava International
Documentary Film Festival

October 23 – 28, 2003

Jihlava IDFF launched the first competition section Between the Seas for the best documentary films from Central Europe. “Central European films get almost no attention at leading festivals outside the strip between the Baltic and the Adriatic Sea,“ said festival director Marek Hovorka in explanation.  The first films to receive the award were 66 Seasons by Peter Kerekes and Sentiment by Tomáš Hejtmánek. The Contribution to World Cinema Award went to one of the leading personalities of (not only) Czechoslovak film and photography avant-garde and Academy Award holder from 1966 Alexandr (Hammid) Hackenschmied. The first anthology of texts about documentary film „do“ was published. The Pitching Forum, a meeting of West European television producers and East European filmmakers organized by the newly founded Institute of Documentary Film, supported several film projects.


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