20th Ji.hlava International
Documentary Film Festival

October 25 – 30, 2016

The festival’s twentieth anniversary was marked by a retrospective exhibition located directly on Jihlava’s Masaryk Square. The display was flanked by a giant shelf for storing useless things and a lighthouse to safeguard film professionals. "The Ji.hlava IDFF to be Kicked Off by the Berdych Gang. The Little Mole and Philip Zimbardo Will Also Come Along," announced Czech Television on the day of the festival’s opening. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies were held directly in Jihlava’s streets and the surprised guests watched them live on the screen of DKO’s big screening hall. Passengers on trolley bus lines were treated to a music programme spanning various genres. Festival’s Game Zone tempted visitors of all generations to play social and educational games and to enter the world of virtual reality. Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men made the audience in Dukla cinema sing along to a song for the support of oil and natural gas. The Donkey won by an overwhelming margin in Jihlava‘s rehearsal for the US presidential elections. The Contribution to World Cinema Award was given to Drahomíra Vihanová and the attendance for the first time exceeded 40,000 spectators.


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