Visual of the 21st Ji.hlava IDFF unveiled

26. 6. 2017

The poster for the 21st Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, which will take place from October 24th to 29th, depicts a myriad of blended images. In his traditional poem to accompany the poster visual artist Juraj Horvath writes: “This year’s Ji.hlava is seemingly abstract,” also mentioning “extracted shots, hasty concluding thoughts”. The poster was unveiled on Monday,... More >

Ji.hlava IDFF announced launch of a new fund to support CEE documentaries

14. 2. 2017

The launch of a new film fund, which will provide in-kind grants for visual and sound post-production to documentaries originating in Central and Eastern Europe, was announced yesterday in Berlin. More >

20th Jihlava IDFF generated enormous interest, attracting an unprecendented number of visitors

30. 10. 2016

Along with its 4 and a half thousand visitors, the Jihlava IDFF celebrated its 20th anniversary, engaged in debates outlining the festival’s future prospects and unveiled its history on Jihlava’s main square. Among the most popular events were the screenings of Czech Journal: The Little Mole and Laozi by Filip Remunda and Love Me, If You Can by Dagmar Smržová as well as the keenly awaited... More >

Winning films of the 20th anniversary edition of the Jihlava IDFF

29. 10. 2016

The winners of all competition sections of the 20th annual Jihlava IDFF were revealed on Saturday, October 29. The Czech Joy competition has two equal winners – FC Roma and Normal Autistic Film. The Best International Documentary Film is Spectres Are Haunting Europe. Like the Opening Ceremony, the festival’s official closing defied ceremonial conventions. The hosts of the evening will be the... More >

20th Jihlava IDFF opens a space for discussion on socially relevant topics

28. 10. 2016

The anniversary edition of the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival is not only an event that blurs the line between documentary, fiction and experimental film, but it actively engages its participants in open discussions on socially relevant topics. Aside from Philip Zimbardo, this year’s Inspiration Forum will feature Chinese journalist living in German exile Chang Ping and Russian... More >

The anniversary edition of the Jihlava IDFF will present a world premiere of a new addition to the Czech Journal series entitled Don’t Take My Life

27. 10. 2016

Aside from other screenings, the second day of the twentieth annual Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival featured the world premiere of A Hole in the Head by Robert Kirchhoff, Pavel Kačírek’s film The Way the President Departs about Václav Havel, as well as a masterclass led by Bill Morrison. Today, Jihlava will welcome the arrival of psychologist Philip Zimbardo and host a live... More >

An illuminated parade passed through the streets of Jihlava and Markéta Dobiášová took home the Respekt Award. The twentieth annual Jihlava IDFF has kicked off

26. 10. 2016

On Tuesday evening, several figures set out on their way from the Lighthouse erected on the Masaryk Square. The parade carried illuminated artefacts that dominate this year’s Jihlava IDFF’s visual concept. In line with the festival tradition, the opening parade was headed by the presenter duo, Jiří Havelka and Ondřej Cihlář, members of the Vosto5 ensemble. Markéta Dobiášová received... More >

Starting today, hundreds of film professionals will take part in the Industry Programme of the Jihlava IDFF

25. 10. 2016

A new Industry zone under the name Lighthouse has been erected on Jihlava’s Masaryk Square to house a major part of the Industry Programme and to host almost one thousand film professionals who are expected to join this year’s anniversary edition of the Jihlava IDFF. More >

20th Jihlava IDFF 2016: PRESSKIT

23. 10. 2016

20th Jihlava IDFF 2016: PRESSKIT More >

PRESS KIT + Press release: The Jihlava IDFF announces the selection for its 20th edition

13. 10. 2016

The festival will kick off with a film about the Czech Berdych gang, while also focusing on contemporary Turkish cinema. Among the festival’s prominent guests will be Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men and the British producer of Ken Loach’s films, Rebeca O’Brien. More >