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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Africa, Our Neighbour

Panel discussion 


The world’s fastest growing continent, Africa, is facing climate change, security conflicts, unemployment, massive internal migration and growing dissatisfaction of the young population that calls for better government and more justice and social emancipation. The continent is also becoming one of the priorities of the Czech and European foreign policies. The stronger Africa is, the stronger we are too. Why should we care about maintaining an equal partnership with our African neighbour and what are our shared perspectives and opportunities for us to use? 



Tomáš Petříček

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic for the Czech Social Democratic Party. He previously worked at the same ministry as a deputy, as well as at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. In addition, he has advised members of the European Parliament. He has a doctorate in international relations from Charles University in Prague. In the field of science, he deals with the topics of energy policy, sustainable development, and political economy.


Kalifa Samaké 

PhD student in molecular and cell biology, genetics and virology at Charles University in Prague. Kalifa is working on researching the immunogenetics of animals. His long-term goal is to improve the availability of food in the tropics. He is the founder of the initiative Pour l’environnement et le developpement (IAD - Initiative for Environment and Development), which focuses on educating young people on the importance of environmental protection and development.


Ifesinachi Comedy Nwanyanwu

Award winning self taught visual artist, poet, philosopher, environmental activist and Nigeria cultural Ambassador. His works are exploratory, mostly using waste and found objects to create conversational art pieces modelling labyrinthine creative growth that intervolve socio-political texture and spirituality. He works and lives between Abuja and Prague.


Arkia Touré

She has been working as a journalist in Mali for more than 15 years. As a reporter for the national radio and television station Mali (ORTM), she covered news in the fields of development, healthcare, economics and education. Currently, she works at Studio Tamani, a radio station based in Bamako, which broadcasts programs offering analysis of the socio-political and security situation through 70 partner stations throughout Mali. In her work, she also focuses on women's rights.



Michael Rozsypal

Journalist and moderator. For a period of eight years, he worked at Czech Radio where he led political talks on the analytical journalism station ČRo Plus and moderated debates and morning broadcasts. He majored in political science at FSV UK.


In cooperation with the Department of Sub-Saharan Africa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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