27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Audio documentary production at Czech Radio

A radio documentary can respond to current events much faster than a film or television documentary. Daniel Kupšovský, Head of the Creative Group for Documentaries and Current Affairs, will describe the process of producing audio documentaries at Czech Radio, from the submission of the topic to the final mix. Ivona Remundová and Markéta Oddfish Nešlehová, the authors of two current documentaries on the topic of Czech aid to the citizens of Ukraine, will present their documentaries named Příští stanice Hlavák (The Next Station Hlavák) and Pomoc! (Help!). Both authors will take part in the debate following the listening session. Along with their documentaries, you will also hear Jakub Horáček's audio documentary Vyhnanci (Outlaws), in which he reflects on the perception of responsibility of Russian citizens living in the Czech Republic for the war in Ukraine.

Czech only.

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