26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Fight for the Digital Space

Panel discussion on digital space between democratization and community, and between consumption and profit


Until recently, we associated the internet and digital technologies with equal access and opportunity, democratisation and transparency. However, with the growing influence of global corporations, the principles of capitalism have been reinforced, and with a much greater intensity than in the off-line world. Are there tools to move digital space towards the fulfilment of citizenship, community life and democratic principles? How can we benefit from it together instead of being consumed?




Timo Daum

Expert on digital economy and lecturer in the field of business informatics and digital transformation. His main focus is the analysis and criticism of digital capitalism. He is particularly concerned with the topic of platform capitalism in transport and methods of agile management. Since 2004 he has been working as a lecturer in the areas of online, computer science and digital economy at universities of applied sciences in Germany and abroad, currently he teaches at the University of Hildesheim and the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. His book We're Capital: On the Critique of the Digital Economy received the Political Book of the Year award from Friedrich-Ebert Foundation in 2018.


Marie Heřmanová

Social anthropologist and journalist. She is currently working at the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and at the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University. Her research focuses on online identities and communities, influencer culture and gender inequalities in the online world. She also focuses on the online spread of hate speech and conspiracy theories and political radicalization on social networks. She is a member of the applied anthropological research studio Anthropictures and regularly contributes to various Czech media.


Martin Tremčinský

Since 2017, he has been a PhD student at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. His dissertation thesis focuses on cryptocurrencies from the perspective of economic anthropology, with an emphasis on social structures enabled by these technologies. Apart from cryptocurrencies, he also concentrates on the issue of foreclosures and over-indebtedness, and regularly contributes to the online journal A2larm.


Moderated by

Patrik Eichler

Journalist and moderator. He is the deputy director of the Masaryk Democratic Academy (MDA) and the editor of the bimonthly periodical Listy. He also worked for Literární noviny (2007–2009) and as a spokesperson for the Minister for Human Rights (2016–2017). He focuses on political programming and both Czech and Central European politics.


In cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Masaryk Democratic Academy.


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