26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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CASE STUDY / MERRY CHRISTMAS, YIWU - co-developing a successful documentary

The core production trio – all EMERGING PRODUCERS programme alumni – will recount the experience of co-developing a 6-sided co-production structure, describe the challenges of shooting in China, and the project‘s dream-like development path. The producers will share lessons they learned throughout the process related to the majority/minority/delegate/co-delegate status, negotiating broadcast exclusivity with the Francophone world, versioning, rights settlement, work timeline and costs of editing 12 different Chinese dialects, and finally the premiere at the dawn of pandemic. 



Iva Plemić Divjak / Horopter Film Production / Serbia

Mario Adamson / Sisyfos Film Production / Sweden

Jasmina Sijerčić / Bocalupo Films / France


Moderator Marek Novák / Xova Film / Czech Republic


Co-organized by Creative Europe Desk MEDIA / Czech Republic


Entry only with Industry and Press accreditation.



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