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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Discussion Won't Save the World

Keynote and panel discussion


We are accustomed to regarding discussion as the missing link in solving societal problems. However, what we lack a lot more is direct experience and common action. There is no shortage of words, but there is insufficient action. This is evident at the level of small communities and places as well as in the entire environmental area. Common effort is what makes it possible to find common language. How do we transform education and schooling in order to empower ourselves to transform what matters to us?



Ingerid S. Straume

Norwegian writer and philosopher of education. She works as a director of the academic writing programme at the University of Oslo. Her recent publications include What Children Ask from Us: Education and Worldlessness in the Anthropocene (book chapter) and “What may we hope for? Education in times of climate change” (Open access article).



Jan Krajhanzl

A social and environmental psychologist who works at the Department of Environmental Studies at Masaryk University. He is the author of such publications as Psychology of Relation toward Nature and the Environment (2014) and Well-Hidden Emotions and Environmental Problems (2012), and the co-author of The Relationship of the Czech Public toward Nature and the Environment, Representative Public Opinion Surveys (2018).


Filip Vostal

Received his doctorate in sociology in 2013 from the University of Bristol. He works as a researcher in the Cabinet for the Study of Science, Technology and Society at the Institute of Philosophy at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. He is currently working on the temporality of knowledge production in the field of free electron laser experiments and is examining the epistemic role of acceleration and velocity in new methods of molecular dynamics.



Ivo Bystřičan

Documentary director, screenwriter, and producer. He studied sociology at FSS MU in Brno and documentary filmmaking at FAMU. He is currently working on the creative documentary project Climageddon and the television series Industrie about the industrial and social history of the Czech Lands.

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