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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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As Long As They’re Pigs: The Wide World of Wankers

Video screening and discussion with the filmmakers / Czech language only


The Wide World of Wankers (Branky, Body, Kokoti), a distinctive video project by the Blesk for Women website, introduces a feminist viewpoint into journalism. The show’s creators take on lingering sexism and respond to derogatory statements about women or the LBGT community with criticism full of defiant frustration.



Petr Cífka 

Director, producer and author of the program The Wide World of Wankers (Branky, body, kokoti). He is the head of video content at Czech News Center. He was the author of the film My Freedom. He is also the author of blog 1000 things that piss me off and The Last Reason not to Kill myself, published in book and dramatized at the Palmovka Theater.


Tereza Dočkalová 

She studied acting at the Janáček Conservatory, then worked in the Aréna Chamber Theatre, both in Ostrava. Since 2014 she has been a member of the ensemble at the Theatre Under Palmovka. There she can be seen in roles such as Dora in the Žítkovský Goddesses or Ibsen’s Nora. She is the recipient of two Thalia awards. Since 2018 she has been the host of the satirical program The Wide World of Wanker, where she comments on sexist remarks and the persistence of gender stereotypes.



Bohdan Bláhovec 

Documentary filmmaker, FAMU graduate. His feature debut Show! won the Czech Film Critics Award. He is one of the pioneers of slam poetry in the Czech Republic. As an occasional actor, he collaborates with the Heroes Studio or the Chemical Theater. Hosted a TV show about literary events ASAP.


Czech Language Only

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