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HEAR: Operation oil - new true crime podcast

A brand new investigative podcast that came out in September before the Czech parliamentary election. It was produced for Deník referendum online daily by audio documentary maker Brit Jensen and journalist Zuzana Vlasatá.


Guest speakers: Zuzana Vlasatá, Dan Moravec (radio producer), Adam Voněš (sound design). Moderated discussion, moderated by Andrea Hanáčková.


Operation oil (Zuzana Vlasatá, Brit Jensen)

Imagine a truck with a large silver tanker slowly filling with a thick golden liquid. The world of rapeseed oil. A world of buying and selling, loads and tons, commodities and margins. This was the world of Miroslav Trávníček, an agricultural commodities entrepreneur from Svitavy, who faces six years in prison. But the contents of the file suggest that someone else may be the perpetrator of the fraud. Miroslav Trávníček may be the victim of restraining orders or of some worse scheme. Zuzana Vlasatá and Brit Jensen are trying to find out why the police and the court are ignoring Miroslav Trávníček’s case.


"Police made a video that morning, which was later broadcast on Czech Television. Two officers escort a grey-haired man in jeans and a blue T-shirt away from the front door. His hands are handcuffed and his face is blurred, just like the faces of police officers. The handcuffed man is Miroslav Trávníček, a trader in agricultural commodities from Svitavy. According to police, he is the main organiser of a large-scale carousel fraud."


Zuzana Vlasatá is a Czech investigative journalist. She started her reporting career at the social-ecological magazine Sedmá generace. Since 2014, she has been the head of the Reportage section of the Deník Referendum online daily. 

She is the co-author of the bestselling book Žlutý baron, which reveals the real political and business intentions of Andrej Babiš. The book inspired the feature-length documentary film Common Sense.

As a scholarship recipient, she attended two Global Conferences of Investigative Journalists. She has received several nominations for various journalism awards for her work.

Brit Jensen is a Danish audio documentary maker and producer based in the Czech Republic. She has written dozens of audio documentaries for British, Danish, Australian and Czech radio stations.

Together with journalist Magdalena Sodomková she produced the first Czech true crime podcast The Mathematics of Crime. She worked for Czech Radio for several years. Currently, she collaborates with independent platforms such as Audionat, which she also co-founded.

Her works have collected several awards at international radio festivals. Her personal audio essay “Lockdown in Stereo” won three awards at the Irish HearSay Festival in 2021. In 2016, she received a journalism award for her audio documentary series Yusra Swims for Life.


HEAR: Contemporary Audio Documentary

Section dedicated to audio documentary in all of its current forms


Audio documentaries are on the rise in the world and in the Czech Republic – thanks not only to new podcast technologies, but mainly to the availability of recording devices, intermediality and interaction between creators and their audience. The pure audio format also attracts passionate fans of audiovisual production. Audio documentaries and series are already being produced in the country, not only for Czech Radio, but also for independent institutions and media and the production is becoming more and more diverse. 


HEAR is a platform – a meeting place where we celebrate this diversity and promote the development, quality and playfulness of audio documentary. The programme includes screenings of thematic audio documentaries, podcasts and discussions with filmmakers and other guests. 


HEAR is a supporting pillar for audio documentary production in Czechia, it is meant as an inspiration for new and experienced audio documentary makers, and to play an important role in the ongoing development of audio documentary genres. In the future, we envisage developing the platform and expanding its programme with masterclasses, foreign productions, guests, and a competition.


HEAR is prepared by Eva Lammelová, Brit Jensen and Andrea Hanáčková.


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