26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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HEAR: Audio contemplation with Jan Hanák

What does Honza Hanák listen to during the fast season? The audience is going to be showed around an selection of Jan Hanák's audio work, which he prepared for HEAR.

Sight dominates the senses, it is colourful and beautiful, all-encompassing. But its temptation is to leave man only on the surface of the visible. It is wise to let the mighty sight rest. Sound, in its simple forms of silence, can lead us more directly into images of the inward. It is enough to close the eyes and read the sound, to contemplate the sound, to perceive the sound, to leave the sound and let what is hidden behind it speak. Lectio, meditatio, adoratio, contemplatio, actio. The ancient way of grasping the essence of things, phenomena, situations, relationships, and being itself. We will try this experience together in Jiří Slavičínský's documentary impressionistic touch Blindfold Yourself and in the initiation into the mystical essence of humanity, the original audio documentary She Is a Priest (Jan Hanák – Ludmila Javorová) will immerse us into this experience. This year, the Ji.hlava IDFF will award the prize for the best documentary book. The book interview with Ludmila Javorová in the final selection was created over several years at the exact same time  as the audio interview She Is a Priest, without the authors knowing each other properly.  This is when these two works will finally meet.


Jan Hanák (1974) is a priest and documentarian. He studied theology, journalism and sociology. Currently based in South Moravia and Brno. He mainly focuses on documentaries, but has also made several journalistic series, mostly for Czech Television and Czech Radio. Jak Hanák is also an occasional presenter, librettist, director and actor. He teaches audio journalism and documentary at the Department of Media Studies and Journalism of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Masaryk University in Brno. He tries to be civically active, for example he is one of the creators of the Brno Pilgrimage of Reconciliation. All his professions in an unexpected unity connect the elements of birth, adolescence, marriage, motherhood and fatherhood, priesthood, passing away, death, the diverse forms of a single immersion in life, the essential forms of which are hidden from the eyes. As he grows older, his immersion becomes an ever freer and more adventurous pilgrim's journey, on which nothing is certain except one thing, and that is faith. The Spirit cannot be harnessed; the Spirit blows where it will.

"Material evolution is gradually changing into spiritual evolution, which is coming to a decisive point in history." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


HEAR: contemporary audio documentary

Section dedicated to audio documentary in all of its forms.

Audio documentaries are on the rise in the world and in the Czech Republic – thanks not only to new podcast technologies, but mainly to the availability of recording devices, intermediality and interaction between creators and their audience. The pure audio format also attracts passionate fans of audiovisual production. Audio documentaries and series are already being produced in the country, not only for Czech Radio, but also for independent institutions and media and the production is becoming more and more diverse.

HEAR is a platform – a meeting place where we celebrate this diversity and promote the development, quality and playfulness of audio documentary. The programme includes screenings of thematic audio documentaries, podcasts and discussions with filmmakers and other guests. 


HEAR is a supporting pillar for audio documentary production in Czechia, it is meant as an inspiration for new and experienced audio documentary makers, and to play an important role in the ongoing development of audio documentary genres. In the future, we envisage developing the platform and expanding its programme with masterclasses, foreign productions, guests, and a competition.


HEAR is prepared by Eva Lammelová, Brit Jensen and Andrea Hanáčková.


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