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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Imagination at Scale



Modern technologies have opened possibilities people had never dreamed of. Suddenly, many of our problems can be easily solved. Technology does not change our lives only in Europe, but it also brings change to remote parts of Africa. Tailor-made innovations for Africa often challenge our imagination and fall within the realm of science fiction. What exactly are they? Do they help inhabitants solve their problems or do they produce new problems? Does Africa give rise to unique innovations that reflect on the local life experience? 



Jonathan Ledgard

A leading thinker on risk, technology, and nature in Africa. He mobilises investments in artificial intelligence and robotics in emerging markets and advises to head of state level. At the avant-garde École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne he invented the droneport concept for Africa. Previously, he spent two decades as an award-winning correspondent for The Economist, reporting lead stories from many countries and several wars - including a decade as Africa correspondent. He is a critically acclaimed novelist. Submergence was a New York Times Book of the Year and was adapted for Hollywood by Wim Wenders. He works with major artists on nature-based installations.



Tomáš Lindner

Since 2008, Tomas Lindner has been working for weekly periodical Respekt where he runs the foreign editorial section. He mainly focuses on Germany, geopolitics, contemporary Africa, migration, and integration. He is the author of a book of reports from South Africa entitled Waiting for the Rain Season (2008), and together with Ondřej Kundra he wrote a book on the causes of radicalisation amongst young European Muslims entitled My Son, A Terrorist (2017).


In cooperation with Respekt.



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