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23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Industry Drink with Boy of War & My Unknown Soldier

Analog Vision and Fabian&Fred are pleased to feature Boy of War and My Unknown Soldier in the First Lights Competition. 

While the war in Ukraine is in full effect, Boy of War tells a story of Artiom, a teenager from the countryside, who is about to fulfil his lifelong dream: becoming an elite soldier! Friends and family doubt his plan. The day he announced to prove himself in the volunteer army against the pro-Russian separatists, has less effect than he hoped. His friends, his family - no one wants to believe in his abilities.

How does it feel like to become an occupier without your own intentions? With known but also never published archival materials from the whole Europe and Russia we tell a family story of the director Anna Kryvenko about how the big politics is destroying the lives of ordinary people. Just a couple of years ago the director found a family secret of her grand-uncle who came to occupy Czechoslovakia in 1968 as a Soviet soldier.

Analog Vision: www.facebook.com/analogvsn/

Fabian& Fred: www.fabianfred.com/

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