26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Jana Kozubkova – Undine of the Otter River

Miss Šumava tells her story in an original environmental interactive fairy tale. She remembers the arrival of first men, their noise and how they managed to push out rare Ural owls. Will ornithologist Joseph help her return the owl back or will he fall for an Undine's song?
Let's travel to an environment of meads and groves bugged by drought, bark beetle and tourist raids. Let's experience a story of human passion and circle of life. Can a human being live in harmony with nature? Should they interfere with it or can it do better on its own?
The performance will enthrall us with live music, masks and puppets, all of which shall acknowledge us with important themes of ecology and interpersonal relations.
The themes are put in easy to understand situations.

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