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23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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John Tusa and guests on Journalism

British historian, journalist, and former director of the BBC World Service of Czech descent, Sir John Tusa, was born as Jan Tůša but in 1939 his family fled to Great Britain. Tusa has held various positions with the BBC – in the 1980s he was the chief moderator of the journalistic BBC Newsnight program, later becoming the director of the internationally broadcast BBC World Service. He considers the fact that the BBC’s Polish, Hungarian, and Czech language broadcasts have been cancelled to be a big mistake: “It was a mistake that BBC cancelled their Polish, Hungarian and Czech service.  Then, the overwhelming opinion was that these are free countries, have their own independent media and BBC is no longer needed. It was shortsighted. Look where we ended up.” Journalist and editor of Britské listy, Jan Čulík, and reporter and chief editor of Aktuálně.cz, Josef Pazderka, will discuss issues such as the future of journalism, journalistic responsibility, media independence, and media influence on Brexit with John Tusa after his keynote speech.

John Tusa

Czech-British journalist and historian. He immigrated to the UK in 1939. Since the 60s he worked for the BBC, from 1986 to 1993 he was managing director of the international broadcaster BBC World Service. He also served as managing director of the Barbican Arts Centre in London. He was awarded knighthood by Queen Elizabeth in 2003.

Jan Čulík

Czech journalist and writer. In the 1980s and 1990s he had his own production company and worked for the nationwide British Channel Four. He was also a commentator and reporter for the BBC’s Czech broadcast, Radio Free Europe, and Czech Radio. Since 1996 he has been the editor of the internet cultural and political daily Britské listy. Čulík also teaches Czech literature, history, and fi lm at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

Josef Pazderka
Czech journalist and reporter, longterm foreign correspondent for Czech TV (in 2006–2010 from Russia and in 2012–2016 from Poland). Since November 2016 he served as deputy editor-in-chief of Aktuálně.cz becoming its editor-in-chief in April 2018.

Moderated by: Ivo Bystřičan

Independent producer, fi lmmaker, and lecturer. His main field of interest consists of documentary films with social and historical themes. He collaborates with Czech Television as programming director for documentaries, and also leads fi lm workshops and lectures using various platforms. In addition to creative fi lms, he has made dozens of television documentaries, many of them shot outside Europe. Bystřičan is currently focusing on international coproduction opportunities for documentary film.

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