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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Karel Veselý, Miloš Hroch: All Cats Are Grey

ZOOM lecture in czech.

For registration use this link.


Where does depression come from in pop music and why is today's indie music so obsessed with being sad? A lecture with video clips from two music publicists known for their work on Radio Wave and in the magazines Full Moon and A2. In their new lecture that features sample clips and is linked to their new book of the same name, Hroch and Veselý explain the history of sadness in popular music and the path to hope. From the Beatles to Joy Division and Sufjan Stevens to today's emo rap, Veselý and Hroch connect the dots between hopelessness in pop music and the politics and apocalyptic thinking that cause it, which they feel must be replaced by a new optimism. Are optimistic songs long overdue? 

Karel Veselý (1976) is an independent music publicist. He is a member of the editorial board of the music magazine Full Moon, a collaborator of ČRo-Radio Wave and a contributor to the online media outlets Aktuálně.cz and Alarm. In 2010, he published his book Music of Fire and he is the co-author of the publication Planeta Nippon (2017), which was nominated for the Magnesia Litera award. In the same year, he also published his debut novel BombaFunk. 

Miloš Hroch (1989) is an independent music publicist. He worked as a music editor for Radio Wave (Czech Radio), and regularly publishes content in the biweekly cultural periodical A2, on the Aktuálně and Alarm servers, in the music magazine Full Moon, in the weekly periodical Respekt, and in Práva Salon. He is the editor of the book I'm Yelling: "It's me.": Stories of the Czech fanzine from the 1980s to the present (Page Five, 2017). 

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