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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Culture for All the Money

Panel discussion


The purpose of culture, as well as landscape management, social work and education, is not to generate profit. Without subsidies and contributions, only the richest of us could afford it. The grant-making schemes force culture and art to meet so many criteria that they no longer allow for creative freedom, on the contrary, they lead to cultural overproduction. How should cultural institutions revise their strategies and how to reinvent the role of the state?



Barbora Baronová

A literary documentarist and publisher, a journalist by qualification and a media theoretician with PhD in Multimedia and Design. She has written several highly acclaimed book documentaries, for example Slečny (Unmarried Women), Ženy o ženách (Women on Women), or Intimita (Intimacy). In 2012, she founded wo-men, an independent art publishing house.


Jan Press

Director of the Moravian Gallery. Jan Press graduated in Art History and Museum Science at the Masaryk University in Brno and studied at the School of Engineering of Brno University of Technology. He worked as a project manager for the Diocese of Brno and in 2008, he joined the Moravian Gallery. In 2010, he became the head of the collections department and two years later, assumed the position of the head of the department of economy and operations in the director's department. In this capacity, he was in charge of the project teams reconstructing the Dušan Jurkovič villa in Brno, the Culture program, and prepared the reconstruction of the Governor's Palace within the Integrated Operational Program.


Gosia Płysa

Executive Director of Unsound – international contemporary music festival coming from Kraków, Poland with its editions taking place in Adelaide, New York, London, Toronto, and many others. She is also a co-director of Unsound Productions – creative and management agency representing several special projects of Unsound and working with artists such as Jlin, Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke. She has also been involved in various networking activities of Unsound, such as ICAS, SHAPE platform and We Are Europe.



Jana Návratová

Theatre Institute's expert on dance, artists' second career and the status of artists. She is also a journalist, an editor, a cultural manager and a curator in the field of dance and movement theatre. In 2009, she founded the biennial Dance Film Festival and became its art director. Since 2005, she is the chairwoman of the board of the Dance Career Endowment Fund. She cooperates with professional cultural media including Czech Radio Vltava, Czech Television and Aktuálně.cz.


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