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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Equality in the Pews

Panel discussion


The Catholic Church is an institution that has been ignoring the topic of gender equality with the issue being practically taboo. In the context of the Catholic tradition, the position of women seems to be an unbreakable rule that has only minimally been questioned in public discussion. To what extent is it desirable for the Church itself to allow women to play a major role in positions conventionally reserved for men? What are the limits of the development of the Church and its social role that are consequential to the fact that this has not been happening? What to do when merely praying for women does not work?



Veronika Sedláčková

Hana Blažková

Veronika Matějková



Petr Vizina

Majored in theology and applied ethics at KTF UK and is currently working in media ethics. He writes and records interviews for Aktuálně.cz and Czech Radio. He was a member of the editorial offices of Lidové noviny and Hospodářské noviny and led the culture editorial board at Czech Television for seven years.


In cooperation with the Czech Christian Academy, Jihlava.

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