26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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On the Edge

The inner world of poet M'Badjala Diaby*


Living with borderline personality disorder is an endless struggle filled with pitfalls, feelings of helplessness, fears and unbearable social pressure. Vain attempts to fall asleep or, conversely, to get out of bed in the morning sometimes end with a stay at the psychiatric ward. Living on the edge of viability and suicidality makes it all the more apparent how fragile the human psyche is and where to look for hope for recovery. Ten times about liminal moments and balancing on and off the edge of mental illness with M’Badjala Diaby.




M'Badjala Diaby

Poet and a model. She studies literary and linguistic culture at the University of Hradec Králové and performs as a slam poet. Through social media, she opens up the topics of racism and mental health. In March she published her first poetry collection, Na Hraně (Borderline) that reflects on the experience with borderline personality disorder.


*Czech language only

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