26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Celebration of Wildness

Panel discussion on nature and religion


There is a considerable consensus that our planet is rapidly deteriorating due to the human use of fossil fuels. Europe has therefore started to discuss the Green New Deal, which many Czech politicians often called “green madness” during their election campaigns, pointing out that we will lose our jobs and comfort as a result. Let us, for a moment, ignore this uncomfortable clinch in which populism and ideology are holding the facts by their neck and see if we can be mesmerized by the seemingly unsightly suburban landscapes, with raspberries in vacant lots, club-rush wetlands and arched willows. What does religious faith have to say about our relationship to nature?




Sandra Silná

Parish priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church based in Brno. She studied Hussite theology and psychosocial studies at the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University and Environmental Studies and Humanities at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University. She worked as a librarian, waitress and for several years as a tea shop manager. She was ordained in 2006. From 2008 to 2016 she served as Secretary General of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Czech Republic. She brews her own beer called Božínku! (My gosh!) and keeps bees.


Jiří Sádlo

Biologist specialising in plant ecology. He works at the Botanical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences focusing on plant sociology, invasion ecology and Holocene landscape evolution. He is the author of the essay Krajina jako interpretovaný text (Landscape as an interpreted text, 1994), the text Prázdná země (Empty land, 2007), and co-author of the books Biologie krajiny (Biology of the landscape, 1999), Krajina a revoluce (Landscape and revolution, 2005), and Mlsné čenichání jihovýchodním směrem (Sniffing in the Southeast direction, 2014). Every now and then he contributes to journals Vesmír and Analogon.


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Petr Vizina

Majored in theology and applied ethics at KTF UK and is currently working in media ethics. He writes and records interviews for Aktuálně.cz and Czech Radio. He was a member of the editorial offices of Lidové noviny and Hospodářské noviny and led the culture editorial board at Czech Television for seven years.


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