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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Brave New Worlds: VR Installations

Explorations of events, stories, and settings offering a meditation on today’s world through stylistically revelatory video games and virtual reality films and installations. For the past ten years, the Ji.hlava IDFF has been presenting audiovisual works that explore reality using formats and media other than the movie screen. This year, this part of the festival program will again include computer games and the largest collection of virtual reality works in the Czech Republic. Social criticism and politics, explorations of the world of science, unknown landscapes, and powerful stories all get their place in linear and interactive works spanning various forms and genres.
The design, as well as the technical and visual qualities of VR works are exponentially improving year by year. There are linear 360° films which we present in a VR cinema in four curated program blocks, and six interactive experiences that will be presented as installations in the VR Zone at the DKO. The relationship of these pieces to the real world is significantly broadened by the use of elements of stage design or live action. In the Re-Animated installation, you will get a chance to walk on tree bark to experience forest on a very physical level. A prominent trend among the latest VR works is the focus on an analysis of artworks or artistic styles and their frequent motives include landscapes and ecosystems.


VR zone is located on the ground floor of DKO.

Opening hours:
Fri. 25.10. / 10-21
Sat. 26.10. / 10-21
Sun. 27.10. / 10-21
Mon. 28.10. / 10-21
Tue. 29.10. / 10-17

The Key

United States 2019 / 15'
Director: Celine Tricart
Producer: Gloria Bradbury, Celine Tricart

An interactive experience that builds a poetic space with abstract beings, where it then explore the concepts of safety and home. Viewers follow a metaphorical dream path whose pitfalls and obstacles help them to analyze questions and decisions related to closeness, loss, and togetherness.

Master's Vision: Claude Monet – The Water Lily Obsession

France 2018 / 5'
Director: Nicolas Thépot
Producer: ARTE France, Lucid Realities, Camera lucida productions, Musées d’Orsay Et de L’Orangerie, Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion

An episode from a trilogy which explores important works of fine art through their stories and an analysis which emphasizes the emotions and the effect on the senses of the spectator. This work dedicated to Monet's Water Lillies is dedicated to a painting which has been hidden from the broad public for many years. Thanks to historical research and new methods of analysis, new findings about its origin and creation can be presented.

Mind Palace

Germany 2018 / 10'
Director: Carl Krause, Dominik Stockhausen
Producer: Malte Stehr

An evocation of the emotions and the learning and emotional processes that take place in our mind during sensitive communications situations between partners or during divorce, the film experiments primarily with possible ways of depicting different points of view in virtual reality.

Nothing to be Written

United Kingdom 2018 / 6'
Director: Anna Meredith, Lysander Ashton
Producer: Rebecca Collis

The soldiers in the trenches of World War I were able to send postcards home but all they were allowed to write on them was their signature. All communication took place using a set of approved phrases. The unique style of drawings inspired by the messages on these postcards also show the circumstances in which they were written and received.


Denmark, united States 2018 / 15'
Director: Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Jakob Steensen
Producer: Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Toke Lykkeberg Nielsen

This work is inspired by the last kaua'i'ō'ō bird whose species became extinct in 1987. To create this animated world, the author programmed images of real animals and plants to colonize an island and create a unique ecosystem to which end he used simulation models predicting the future climatic scenarios. The plants, moss and insects react to the pulse of realtime generated music and the breathing and the voices of the audience influence the virtual atmosphere. The result is a unique VR experience for every user.

The Scream

France 2018 / 15'
Director: Charles Ayats, Sandra Paugam
Producer: ARTE France, Cinétévé Experience, BackLight

Norwegian painter Edvard Munch created three versions of The Scream, one of the most important Expressionist paintings, between 1893 and 1910. here it is the starting point for
a suggestive spatial and interactive examination of darkness, inspirations, and interpretations of this embodiment of internal and external terror.

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