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23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

ji-hlava dok cdf

Brave New Worlds: VR installations

Audiovisually but in a different manner. Formats that narrate and portray the real world while stepping out of the screen and building unique worlds through distinctive aesthetic principles.

Breathtaking immersive environments and narrations are being created for virtual reality. 

The installations allow you to explore worlds which embrace the viewer›s movement and allow them to influence what they discover and perceive. VR zone is located on the ground floor of DKO.

Opening hours
Fri. 26.10. / 10-21
Sat. 27.10. / 10-21
Sun. 28.10. / 10-21
Mon. 29.10. / 10-21
Tue. 30.10. / 10-17

Beyond the Typhoon

Switzerland 2017 / 6‘ 
Director: Encor Studio 

Documentary photographs were used to recreate the environment on the island of Gulangyu that was destroyed during Typhoon Meranti in 2016. Thee nature preserve with its ancient trees and post-colonial haciendas was transformed into a post-apocalyptic chaos.

The screening was supported by the Swiss Arts council Pro Helvetia.


Switzerland 2016 
Director: Melodie Mousset, Naëm Baron

A metaphorical journey through the physical awareness of your own body and its environment. In a post-apocalyptic-looking world, anthropomorphic fragments and clusters of molecules move through the physical landscape in which structures can replicate, returning to the existential question of what of the “I” remains.

The installation was supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

Home After War
Iraq, Germany, United States 2018 / 20‘ 
Director: Felix Gaedtke, Gayatri Parameswaran www.homeafterwar.net

The story of a father who returns to his home in the Iraqi town of Fallujah, where all around are makeshift explosives. When his son dies tragically, it shows the home as a place where you are afraid.


Overview – Part 1

This stroll among objects in space, from the planets of our solar system to galaxies beyond the Milky Way, was created with the cooperation of scientists and based on NASA data. It addresses questions such as “how big is our galaxy?” or “how far are we from the sun?”.

The Great Ocean (Debris) – Venice
Germany 2018 / 25‘ 
Director: Michael Geidel 

A hybrid interactive documentary about climate change and polluting plastics and their effects on the oceans. The viewer follows the water cycle in Venice, where the sea level is rising. It is not just an exploration or an enlightening experience – the consumer must change the environment for the better in this world.

Unrest VR
United States, France, United Kingdom 2017 / 20‘ 
Director: Amaury La Burthe, Jennifer Brea www.unrest.film/virtual-reality

A stunning rendition of the situation – a person tied by disease to a bed, based on documentation of neurosensory responses to pain or fainting. The viewer goes through difficult-to-imagine situations while experiencing the freedom of floating in their own inner landscape.

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