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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Brave New Worlds: VR Cinema

Explorations of events, stories, and settings of- fering a meditation on today’s world through stylistically revelatory video games and virtual reality films and installations. For the past ten years, the Ji.hlava IDFF has been presenting audiovisual works that explore reality using formats and media other than the movie screen. This year, this part of the festival program will again include computer games and the largest collection of virtual reality works in the Czech Republic. Social criticism and politics, explorations of the world of science, unknown landscapes, and powerful stories all get their place in linear and interactive works spanning various forms and genres.


The design, as well as the technical and visual qualities of VR works are exponentially improving year by year. There are linear 360° films which we present in a VR cinema in four curated program blocks, and six interactive experiences that will be presented as installations in the VR Zone at the DKO. The relationship of these pieces to the real world is significantly broadened by the use of elements of stage design or live action. In the Re-Animated installation, you will get a chance to walk on tree bark to experience forest on a very physical level.


A prominent trend among the latest VR works is the focus on an analysis of artworks or artistic styles and their frequent motives include landscapes and ecosystems.


Venue: DKO ground floor
Opening hours: Oct 25 – 28 from 10.00 AM until 9.00 PM and Oct 29 from 10.00 AM until 5.00 PM
Admission: daily pass for 80/160 CZK (festival pass holders/not accredited visitors)
Reservations of individual VR Cinema screeningsonline (50% of the capacity) / on-site (50% of the capacity + free seats)


* Please make sure to arrive in the VR Zone at least 15 minutes in advance.
* As part of your daily pass and upon prior reservation, you can visit all VR Cinema blocks and installation.


Each VR cinema block lasts for approx. 30 mins.


Block I: 25. - 29.10. at 10:00 and 16:00
Block II: 25. - 29.10. at 11:30 and 25. - 28.10. at 17:30
Block III: 25. - 29.10. at 13:00 and 25. - 28.10. at 19:00
Block IV: 25. - 29.10. at 14:30 and 25. - 28.10. at 20:30




Ghost Fleet VR
This harrowing documentary account of modern slavery on Indonesian fishing ships interconnects unique footage shot at the ships with the story of Tun Lin from Thailand who was kidnapped at the age of 14 and worked as a slave on a ship for 14 years until he was saved by a humanitarian organization.


A documentary essay on the social function of a room as a social construct which assigns a function and a set of rules of use to an enclosed space. The five intimate chamber settings show various archetypal uses of rooms to satisfy human needs and cultural roles.





Rhizomat VR
A dystopian interactive look at free will, set in a time when democracy has been replaced by the omnipotent rule of the Institute for Method, which engages in regular inspections of people’s thoughts and whose totalitarian rule is opposed by the underground group known as Rhizomat, which seeks alternatives to this dictatorial social order.


The Leap – Inside Architect Dorte Mandrup’s Mind
An insight into the creative thinking about constructing a building in harmony with its surroudning landscape through an explanation and the visualization of the thinking process of a prominent architect in Icefjord, Greenland and Wadden, Denmark becomes an essay on the fusion of appearance, function and sustainability.




A sonic portrait of Greenland. Molécule, a producer of electronic music, collects the sounds of the Arctic for his upcoming work. In the temperature of -22,7°, he searches for the imprints and sounds of natural processes and takes the audience on a journey through the creation of a musical artwork.


Unframed – The Intimacies
A visually unique presentation of woodcuts by Swiss artist Félix Vallotton. The woman portrayed in his works reflects on the way the scenes from a story of love and betrayal are depicted. This work is an essay on intimacy and its portrayal. 


Isle of the Dead
A virtual interpretation of a famous work by Arnold Böcklin, a Swiss symbolist painter, creates a fantastic world of the 1883 painting as a space of timelessness and a poetic existence during the boat trip with Charon the ferryman. The musical accompaniment is Rachmaninoff's symphonic poem inspired by the same painting.

Das Totale Tanz Theater 360
This sophisticated tribute to the influential artistic movement known as Bauhaus realizes the stage experiments of Oskar Schlemmer and Walter Gropius in ways that have never been possible before. Using a Richard Siegal choreography during which the audience is free to come close to the dancers, this work explores the structured quality and the possibility to influence space while every element of the dance, musical, costumes, stage design and sound design is a reference to the Bauhaus style.




Made by Me: China
An observation of the origin of components and the creation of digital products we use on a daily basis through a perspective on the work, environment, and the working and living conditions of the workers who mine the raw materials and work at a factory in Zhuhai, China where the products are assembled.


Battle Hymn
This close-up observation of the dramatic situations and everyday activities experienced by Israeli soldiers represents the director’s appeal for dialogue, mutual understanding, and empathy as possible paths towards ending political conflict.

Daughters of Chibok
In 2014, members of the Boko Haram terrorist group kidnapped 276 adolescent girls from the Chibok farming community in Nigeria, and 112 of the girls have still not returned home. The film looks at the tragedy, contemporary life, and women’s rights through the characters of the girls’ mothers.

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