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Scrolling to Rock Bottom

Panel discussion on the impact of digital technology on mental health


We already know that digital technologies alone will not bring democracy and equality into the public space. But they also affect us on the individual level. As a result of their use, a significant number of users suffer increasingly more often from feelings of depression, alienation and loneliness. How can we maintain our mental health if we cannot choose not to use them? How to prevent digital addictions and make technological tools our good servants?




Kateřina Lukavská

She studied Psychology and Special Education at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University. She works at the Department of Psychology at the Pedagogical Faculty Charles University and at the Clinic of Addictology, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. She is generally interested in quantitative research designs and statistical methods of data processing in psychology. In her research she focuses mainly on modern technologies, their safe as well as risky use (digital addictions, FOMO, etc.).


Karolína Presová

Lecturer in digital hygiene and digital well-being and author of the Replug me project, which creates workshops and programmes that put people back in control over the online world and help them manage the risks of digital addiction. She trains school children, parents, as well as businesses and individuals on how to use digital technology in a healthy and meaningful way. For its innovative solutions and results, the project has been listed among the most socially beneficial projects in Czechia. Her workshops were covered in Respekt weekly, Hospodářské noviny daily and in reports and interviews on Czech Television or Czech Radio, with which she collaborated on their digital detox programmes. 


Michaela Slussareff

A graduate in Social Sciences and Andragogy, she works as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Faculty of Arts, Charles University. Her research work focuses on the negative and positive effects of technology on children's development and healthy family functioning. She is conducting several national and international researches on the impact of digital media on school and preschool children. In addition, she is also the Head of Slow Tech Institute, bringing together experts who are concerned with new technologies and the sociological, psychological or physiological phenomena associated therewith. In addition to her academic and teaching career, she co-founded M77, a non-profit organization dedicated to projects that use new technologies in education and artistic work.


Moderated by


Hana Řičicová

Author of the podcast for Czech newsmagazine Respekt, for whose website she also prepares the series How are you? with Czech artists and interesting people. She studied journalism and media and works as a moderator at Radio Wave. She is part of the dramaturgical team of the multi-genre festival Luhovaný Vincent. 


In cooperation with Respekt magazine.


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