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Community Garden

The inner world of Barbara Benish


In the garden we grow plants and relationships. It‘s where humans and nature team up. It brings benefit, joy and inspiration to people. What, on the other hand, can a garden bring to non-human living systems? The story of Barbara Benish's ten inspirations in a garden community with worms, leaves, water, mushrooms, nettles, brambles, potatoes, solar seeds, acorns and moss.tba




Barbara Benish

California-born artist, who moved to Prague in 1992 as a Fulbright scholar. She founded ArtMill in rural Bohemia, an international eco-art centre with the goal of bringing the pressing environmental issues of our time into tangible art forms that inspire, ignite, and engage the public at large. From 2010–2015 she served as Advisor for U.N.E.P. in Arts & Outreach, and since 2015 is a Fellow at the Social Practice Arts Research Center, (University of California). Benish is co-author of Form, Art, & the Environment (2017, Routledge). Her mixed media work critiques historical tropes that have kept unsustainable systems operating, and often celebrates non-human living systems. Benish’s art has been shown in hundreds of international exhibitions, including major museums in New York, Germany, and Prague.


In cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation Prague.

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