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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Central Europe and the Four-Letter Word “Feminism”

Panel discussion


Feminism continues to be a controversial subject in Czech society. Despite the rich history of the women’s movement in the Czech lands and in Czechoslovakia, some politicians and certain media outlets view the question of women’s position in society as an imported “genderism” that does not reflect the local situation. What do women working in male-dominated professions have to say about this? And what about women living in difficult social conditions? What paths towards emancipation exist for women in Central Europe today? 

In cooperation with the Office of the Government’s Department of Gender Equality.


Photo: "Nie jesteś sama" (you are not alone), Czarne Szmaty #CzSz.



Karolína Koubová 

Karolína Koubová studied theatre management at JAMU, Brno. She curated the conception of the DIOD theatre which opened in 2011. Besides further developing the DIOD theatre, she became the leader of the local political organisation Fórum Jihlava. In 2014, she became the city councillor and since 2018 she has served as a city mayor. She is part of the theatre ensemble De Facto Mimo and also the trainer of aerial silks. 


Zuzana Kříčková 

At the age of fifteen, she began to experiment with drugs as an escape from her family conflicts. For twenty years, she went back and forth from the streets, a treatment facility, and her family. She transformed her drug addiction into workaholism. She is now primarily a social worker at a community centre for women and trans people. In addition to working at Sananim, which helps people trapped in drug addiction, she works on the Living Library project and is a member of the action group ASLIDO, which addresses the plight of the homeless.


Kateřina Šimáčková 

Kateřina Šimáčková worked as an attorney for fifteen years. Subsequently, she was appointed judge at the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic. Since 2013, she serves as a judge at the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. Besides that, she teaches constitutional law at the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University. She often participates in public debate by giving interviews and public lectures. Her current focus is the relationship between law and gender.


Magda Vašáryová 

Slovak diplomat, former member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, and former actress. Czechoslovak Ambassador to Austria and Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Poland (2000–2005). Founder and Head of the Board of the NGO Via Cultura, founder of the Institute for cultural policies and chairwoman of the oldest Slovak women’s association Živena.



Kateřina Smejkalová

Smejkalová received her degree in Germanic studies and political science from the University of Bochum, Germany. Since 2014 she has worked as a researcher for the Czech representation at the German Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Smejkalová focuses on topics related to work, the sociology of technological development, gender issues, and also comments on social and political events in Germany. In addition to journalism, she also acts as an external consultant for the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs on topics relating to the digitalization of work.

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