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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Dancing with China

Panel discussion


Some Czech politicians and businessmen develop intensive relations with China. Does the cooperation with this expansionist state bring about risks or benefits for the whole of society? What kind of relationship with China is maintained by the EU or by Germany, our biggest neighbouring country? Can we tackle the incongruous situation in which democratic countries with declared respect towards human rights cultivate their relations with China based on their defined economic interests? What are these interests and are they transparent enough? And, on the other hand, what is the objective pursued by China? Can we fully understand the imperialist dimension of China’s cultural and economic activities abroad?


Photo by Lu Guang. Award-winning Chinese photographer, who is missing since late 2018. 



Haruna Honcoop 

Czech-Japanese filmmaker. Hancoop studied Sinology at Charles University, where she focused on modern Chinese history and literature. She debuted with her experimental cross-media project Built To Last – Relics of Communist-Era Architecture, which took four years to develop and was filmed in 11 countries of the former Eastern Bloc. Her film True or False addresses Czech-Chinese relations. She is currently working on a documentary film entitled Olympic Half-Time in Beijing, Tokyo and Europe.


Tomáš Rezek 

Analyst at the Research Center of the Association for International Affairs specializing in cyber security. He studied international commerce and commercial communications at the University of Economics in Prague. As part of his research he examined the cyber potential of world powers and security incidents affecting international relations. He now works as the manager of a department providing secure data services to more than ten banks abroad.


Vít Vojta 

Vojta studied Sinology, ethnology, and law. He is a lecturer and consultant in intercultural management, marketing, and communication with Chinese partners and Chinese inbound tourism. As an expert on the Chinese language and environment, he interprets at high-level government meetings and visits. In 2019 he founded the Sinoskop Institute with the goal of presenting a balanced contribution to the debate on China.


Clifford Coonan 

Berlin-based writer and journalist who specializes in the relationship between Europe and Asia. He is currently a China analyst and editor with Deutsche Welle. As foreign correspondent he spent more than 15 years in Beijing reporting for The Irish Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.



Richard Turcsányi

Key Researcher at Palacky University Olomouc, Assistant Professor at Mendel University in Brno, and Program Director at the Central European Institute of Asian Studies. He holds a Ph.D. in International Relations and further degrees in economy and political science. He is an author of Chinese Assertiveness in the South China Sea and has published a number of academic articles and opinion pieces on Chinese foreign policy and relations between China and (Central and Eastern) Europe.

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