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Relax, please

Workshop on relaxation techniques


Enough talk. The body, mind and soul need something else, too. We often don’t know how to relax, take a break from work, relieve stress, and stop the flow of intrusive thoughts. Come and relax and recharge at a relaxation workshop where you will learn and try beneficial relaxation techniques that can then become part of your new and calmer life.




Mira Babiaková

Head Doctor at the Hélio Mental Health Centre. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bratislava, and from 1995 to 2001 she worked at the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, namely at the Crisis Intervention Centre (from 1999). From 2001 to 2003 she was the Head of the Inpatient Unit at the RIAPS Crisis Centre. Since 2008 she has been running a private psychiatric outpatient clinic. Together with Dagmar Jančová she also lectures and teaches relaxation techniques as part of the Training in Relaxation Techniques for Professionals. Since 2020, she has been working with the National Institute of Mental Health on the development of a self-care module for health professionals organized under the project of the NA ROVINU initiative (as part of the Destigmatization project that is implemented within the framework of the reform of psychiatric care in the Czech Republic), and she regularly lectures at webinars.


Moderated by


Petr Bouška

He is an external presenter at Radio Wave, where he hosts the Balanc programme focusing on self-development, healthy lifestyle and the importance of healthy relationships. His own anxiety and experience as a silent child, a melancholic teenager, a socially phobic university student and finally a neurotic employee led him to therapy. In his own words, it gave him a tremendous gift of self-discovery. He continuously educates himself, has started psychotherapy training, lectures on mental hygiene in companies and creates online courses.


In cooperation with Český rozhlas Radio Wave.

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