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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Inner Worlds

Dorothea Heczková and Magdalena Hrdličková (Homeless Chefs)

The Homeless Chefs cafeteria (Jídelna Kuchařek bez domova) employs homeless women. It is operated by the Jako doma (Like Home) feminist organization which deals with the issue of female homelessness in a complex way. Besides the cafeteria, they also operate a community center and humanitarian housing for women who are homeless or in social distress.


Lucie Králíková

Lucie Králíková studied garden architecture but has always had a much broader range of interests. Together with Klára Zahradníčková, she founded the Efemér alternative flower studio in 2011, which has been leaning towards artistic presentation since 2015 when Lucie became the only manager of the business. She is a founding member of the Czechia group of seekers of local idiosyncrasies and creators of “the new folklore” (together with Kateřina Plamitzerová and Michaela Karásková). Flowers and plants remain her basic source materials but in her installations, she combines them with any other leftover, found or upcycled matter which is always specific to the location. Environmental awareness and social connection to every location (she often works with the local community) are typical for Lucie's work. Her art is also characterized by her effort to rediscover half-forgotten seasonal liturgical rites and their adaptation to current urban settings. Recently, she released her Svátosti (Sacraments) book which is an authentic poetic diary in the form of documentary notes in a literary style combined with experimental photographs. Its theme is rooted in her intense love for nature, plants and traditions which she not only resurrects but also transplants into the current world, landscape and cities.


Lukáš Houdek

Photographer, journalist, humanitarian worker and author of radio documentaries. In his creative work, Lukáš focuses on the theme of identity, violence, hate and injustice. He is a co-author of a project that produces cheap sunblock for albinos in Africa. He received the Journalism Award for his radio documentary Bílá nosí smrt (White Brings Death) about the stigmatization of albinos in Ghana.

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