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23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

ji-hlava dok cdf

VR Cinema Block VI Friday

Audiovisually but in a different manner. Formats that narrate and portray the real world while stepping out of the screen and building unique worlds through distinctive aesthetic principles.


Breathtaking immersive environments and narrations are being created for virtual reality. The VR cinema will screen 360° films, their tone ranging from popular science to strictly poetic or lyric, which use a documentary approach, animation or actors to depict both current stories and topics and historical insights. You can immerse yourself into the depths of oceans and space, but also into a fleeting space painted in watercolors or a spirited changing animation portraying the flight of the feminist movement at the beginning of the 20th century, hear both beautiful and thrilling stories from all corners of the world and fly through fragments of cities, memories or culturally-distant rituals. VR zone is located on the ground floor of DKO.


VR Zone is organised in cooperation with Go360.

Being an Astronaut – Part 1

France, Germany 2018 / 15‘
Director: Jürgen Hansen, Pierre-Emmanuel Le Gof

At the training center in Houston, astronauts are tested on how they will enter space. Together with a guide, a French astronaut, the viewer experiences training for a spacewalk, centrifuge simulations, and leaving the vehicle.

17:30 – 18:00

DKO – VR Zone

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