26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Choosing the Hard Way

Documentary dialogue about the fight for freedom


Fugitivity and migration are most often associated with the motivation to live a better, safer and more comfortable life. However, there are moments when people go to places from which others are trying to escape. In the extraordinary story of an Afghan filmmaker, the desire for safety and comfort gives way to the intention of turning her country into a place from which people don’t have to flee. Her fate also demonstrates the unforeseen power that individuals can have in their endeavours, and how important it is that they don’t stand alone.




Sahraa Karimi*

Film director. She studied at the Faculty of Film and Television at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where she received her PhD, becoming the first woman in Afghanistan with this degree in filmmaking. Her feature debut Afghan Women Behind the Wheel collected awards at a number of international film festivals. Since 2012, she has lived and worked in Afghanistan in the film industry, and since 2019, she has been the head of the state-run Afghan Films. She had to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban seized Kabul this August.


Moderated by


Filip Remunda

Czech director, cameraman, and producer. He studied documentary filmmaking at FAMU and co-founded the Institute of Documentary Film, which helps to promote Czech film abroad. He gained wider public awareness along with Vít Klusák with their controversial film reality show about a fictitious hypermarket entitled Czech Dream. He received the Pavel Koutecký Award for his film Tadpole, the Rabbit, and the Holy Ghost.


*Sahraa Karimi will join us live from the United States.

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