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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Women’s Voices

Panel discussion


Today’s technological progress, economic turbulences, and the environmental crisis are changing social relations and spreading uncertainty. How do female activists from Central and Southeastern Europe view the changes happening in society today? How have they adjusted their actions, and what innovations have made it into their work? How do they communicate and how do they define their priorities and fight for their goals at a time of growing populism and weakening democratic mechanisms?

In cooperation with the Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund.



Zoe Gudović 

Artist, performance artist, political activist, and cultural producer. Since the 1990s Gudovic has been active in the field of socially engaged theater and artistic practice. She is an expert on feminist art in public space, drawing attention to violence against women. She founded the group Queer Beograd, is a member of Women at Work, and is the presenter of the radio program Ženergija.


Marta Jalowska 

Actress, performer, and feminist activist. Jalowska is co-founder of the feminist theater group Teraz Poliż and the Czarne Szmaty collective, which interprets Polish national symbols with a queer perspective. She manages the website Polish Queens and Queerness and has curated exhibitions about Polish female chocolate factory workers and a century of female suffrage.


Petra Jelínková 

Translator, gender equality project coordinator, and activist. Jelínková is a member of the Limits Are Us movement where she focuses primarily on climate justice, the role of women in public space, gender-based violence, and LGBT issues. She experiments with linking politics, radical imagination, and ecofeminist art.



Miroslava Bobáková 

Graduate of ethnology at Comenius University in Bratislava. Bobáková focuses on issues relating to women’s rights, civil society development, particularly through the promotion and development of women’s rights organizations, women’s groups and initiatives, feminist philanthropy, support activism and active citizenship in a system of shared governance.



Photo from "Ułańskie fantazje" by Czarne Szmaty #CzSz and Pat Mic (fotografer)

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