26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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East Silver Market

East Silver Market

East Silver is the first documentary market which supports producers and distributors from Central and East Europe. Each year, about 300 films from dozens of countries are included in the market. The 18th edition of the East Silver Market will take place at the 25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in October 26–31, 2021, Jihlava, Czech Republic.

Silver Eye Award 2021

Picking the nominees from 2021 East Silver Market submissions, East Silver international jury (comprising of international buyers, sales agents and festival selectors) awards the best documentary films with the Silver Eye Award. The total of approximately 20 films competes in 2 main categories (feature and short documentary).The winner in each category receives not only a unique award trophy, but also a prize money of 2.500 €, a year-long festival service of the East Silver Caravan worth of additional 3.500 €.

East Silver Caravan – a supporting tool for documentary screenings at festivals

East Silver Caravan promotes East European documentary films at important international film festivals and markets. Our nomad showcase of Eastern European documentary selection reaches over 190 prestigious international film festivals and markets.

VoD Spotlight

VoD Spotlight is a brand new alternative online distribution for creative documentaries from the East Silver collection, connecting documentary filmmakers and VOD platforms. Powered by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague.

East Silver database – an essential referral spot for East European docs

The easy-to-navigate online database at www.eastsilver.net presents the most recent Eastern European documentary production, gathered at one place and searchable in our up-to-date archive of titles with full film credits and trailers.

Online streaming for professionals – a year-long access to East European titles

Easy-to-navigate online streaming at streaming.eastsilver.net allows producers to make their titles available to festival selectors, distributors, TV buyers and other film professionals throughout the year from everywhere in the world.

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