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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Ex Oriente Film

About the programme

Ex Oriente Film is an international training programme for documentary professionals supporting the development and funding of creative documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe. The core of the Ex Oriente Film workshop is based on three week-long residential workshops held over 9 months. Each year we select up to 12 projects that receive assistance from a wide range of film experts, with each workshop focusing on a different segment of development. Our participants are given a tailored guidance in developing the subject, narrative and the visual style of their projects, making drafts of a financing and distribution strategy, and finding international partners.

2nd Ex Oriente Film session: Production and Story Development (at Ji.hlava IDFF)

Date: October 25–30, 2021 (at Ji.hlava IDFF)

The second workshop will see producers diving into practical sessions to get familiar with legal issues, co-production opportunities and other aspects linked to funding and producing, while directors will be focusing on further development of the narrative and visual aspects of their films. Each team will also start to learn the basic of pitching and marketing, in preparation for the last session.

For more info, please see EX Oriente website.

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