26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Daniel Santiago Cortés
original title: 84
country: Colombia
year: 2020
running time: 13 min.


In 1984, Álvaro Ulcué Chocué, a Colombian Catholic priest and indigenous rights activist, was shot dead. The incident looms against the backdrop of a collage of two archive images from the same year. Documentary footage and fictional gangsters capture the state of a country dominated by drug cartels and social unrest.
„In the current conjuncture, It is urgent that indifference be shown as the strength of permanent violence, as a gesture that makes us silent accomplices without realizing it.“ D. Santiago Cortés
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Daniel Santiago Cortés (1989) hails from Colombia but studied documentary film in Cuba. His short films Elan (2014) and Memorias (2016) have amassed critical acclaim at various international festivals. In 2018, he made his feature-length documentary debut with Emely or the Broken Mirrors.

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director: Daniel Santiago Cortés
producer: Jose Manuel Duque López
script: Daniel Santiago Cortés
photography: Anonymous Footage
editing: Juan Cañola
music: Alejandro Bernal
sound: Daniel Giraldo
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