26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Arnheim in Anaheim
Arnheim in Anaheim

Arnheim in Anaheim

director: Péter Lichter
original title: Arnheim in Anaheim
country: Hungary
year: 2021
running time: 8 min.


The impression of the work of philosopher Rudolf Arnheim, woven into a desktop collage, is based on a visit to Disneyland, an iconic cultural product reflected in Arnheim’s texts, photographs, and audio compositions, with a central consideration of the ways in which film distances itself from reality or the impression of realism.


Péter Lichter (1984) is a Hungarian experimental filmmaker, theoretician and writer. He creates abstract films using found footage, lyrical documentaries and experimental feature films. His works have been screened at many international festivals including Ji.hlava IFDF with his features Baroque Femina (Nr.7-11) (2020) and Empty Horses (2019).

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director: Péter Lichter
producer: Péter Lichter
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