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27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

ji-hlavadok-revuecdfEmerging producersInspiration Forum
Industrie - Industry of Normalization
Industrie - Industry of Normalization
Industrie - Industry of Normalization

Industrie - Industry of Normalization

director: Ivo Bystřičan
original title: Industrie - Soukolí normalizace
country: Czech Republic
year: 2021
running time: 26 min.


Sometimes, citizens of Czechoslovakia would have to spend several years waiting for their own car. Even so, the communist party hoped to use the newest model of the Škoda automobile to demonstrate the country’s affluence and state of technological advancement. The story of the Škoda Favorit shows how the company from Mladá Boleslav built not only reliable machines but also constructed the illusion that life in Czechoslovakia was good.


Ivo Bystřičan (1980) studied documentary film, social policy, and sociology. In films such as Permanent Address – Prague (2008), Copper Age (2010) and Byeway (2014), he contemplates the problems faced by the world today within the broader socio-political, economic and environmental context. Currently he works on the multidiscipinary Czech-Icelandic project Future Landscapes, feature documentary Climategeddon and docu-serie about crisis management in history with Czech Academy of Science.

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director: Ivo Bystřičan
producer: Dušan Mulíček
script: Ivo Bystřičan
photography: Jiří Strnad
editing: Adam Patyk
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