26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Everyday is like Sunday
Everyday is like Sunday
Everyday is like Sunday
Everyday is like Sunday

Everyday is like Sunday

director: Alberto Dexeus Gonzalvo
original title: todos los días domingos
country: Spain
year: 2021
running time: 15 min.


Alberto is browsing the pictures from his first communion. They have been damaged – the face of the boy wearing his best clothes has been torn out of every picture. Upsetting memories and obsessive thoughts are not as easy to get rid of. But there are other ways to take control over pictures – the evidence supporting a particular version of the past – and reconstruct their meaning. For Alberto, the way to do this is the creative process.


Director and screenwriter Alberto Dexeus studied audiovisual communication, film directing and documentary filmmaking at various universities in Spain and Argentina. He is the author of the series 5 minuts tard (2015–2019) and the feature-length drama Les Perseides (2019), which was awarded at the Toulouse Festival.

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director: Alberto Dexeus Gonzalvo
producer: Bernat Manzano, Miguel Ángel Blanca, Montse Pujol Solà
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