26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A man and a camera
A man and a camera
A man and a camera
A man and a camera
A man and a camera
A man and a camera

A man and a camera

director: Guido Hendrikx
original title: A man and a camera
country: Netherlands
year: 2021
running time: 63 min.


This minimalistic documentary is based on simple, unsignalized confrontations of people with the camera lens. The director sets off with his hand-held camera across the Netherlands with the intention of exposing his compatriots to recording equipment with no explanation whatsoever. The resulting work can be interpreted as a sociological experiment, but it could be read as a further illustration of the effect observed in documentary film: people confronted with the camera stop behaving naturally and tend to strike poses. Most of all, it stands out as a brilliant example of work with “creative limitations”, formerly seen in the collaboration of Lars von Trier with Jørgen Leth.

"For me, it’s important to enquire about human nature but also the medium of film itself. I was curious about how people would behave and respond when you radically throw over all conventions of film and social behaviour." (Guido Hendrikx)


Guido Hendrikx (1987) is a Dutch filmmaker involved in fiction and documentary cinema. He also curated the video section of The Correspondent online service. His feature debut Stranger in Paradise (2016) premiered at IDFA in Amsterdam, bringing its author a nomination for the European Film Award.

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director: Guido Hendrikx
producer: Jasper Boon, Guido Hendrikx, Ena Sendijarevic, Wouter Jansen
photography: Guido Hendrikx
editing: Lot Rossmark, Rens Christiaansen, Guido Hendrikx Hendrikx
sound: Tijn Hazen
skladatel: Jeanne Susin
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