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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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An Inaccurate Distance
An Inaccurate Distance
An Inaccurate Distance
An Inaccurate Distance

An Inaccurate Distance

director: Giovanni Giaretta
original title: An Inaccurate Distance
country: Italy
year: 2014
running time: 15 min.


Translator Riccardo Bertani almost never leaves his house, but still travels in his imagination through his linguistic book transformations. For him, language is a true gateway to other worlds. And although the translator speaks the entire time about other worlds and the frontiers of knowledge, we observe his home in detail from an intimate distance.

“I've always been interested in Russian writers but my first translation have been from Ukrainian. Within 6-7 weeks I was already writing Ukrainian. And then the Russians followed and then many others until the Yakutsk.”


Giovanni Giaretta comes from Padua, but lives and works in Amsterdam. He studied design and visual arts production at the University of Venice. He work has been exhibited in Turin, Amsterdam, and Santander, Spain. Even his audiovisual work – such as the projects Video.it (2007), LOOP (2010), and A Space Between Words and Images (2015) – is designed more for gallery presentation.

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director: Giovanni Giaretta
cast: Riccardo Bertani
producer: Giovanni Giaretta
photography: Giovanni Giaretta
editing: Giovanni Giaretta
sound: Emanuele Cicconi
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