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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Final Draft
Final Draft
Final Draft

Final Draft

director: Scott Calonico
original title: Final Draft
country: United Kingdom
year: 2014
running time: 6 min.


With a sense of detachment, the filmmakers have reconstructed the process of putting together the material for recording a radio broadcast that the BBC would have broadcast in case of a nuclear attack. The recording’s wording had to be approved by all the members of a secret committee. The film combines footage from the docudrama The War Game (1965) with images from the BBC’s secret broadcast studio. Citations from correspondence among the members of the secret committee are illustrated by figurines in uniforms. 

Apocalyptic black-and-white footage simulating the alarm and agitation prior to the explosion alternates with the colorful, quiet and perfect, coolly English motionlessness of the figurines. The excerpts from official communications are appropriately accompanied by intradas. “This is a comedy,” the filmmaker himself warns. Yours sincerely!


Scott Calonico (1960) hails from the USA, but lives in Great Britain. As a filmmaker, he is the author primarily of short films. He is also a designer, author, and creative marketing professional. By his own words, he is “occasionally funny”. His best known films include The Collegians Are Go!! (1999), The Silly Bastard Next to the Bed (2014) and LSD-25: Wonder Drug of the Future (2013).

more about film

director: Scott Calonico
producer: Jeffrey Radice
script: Scott Calonico
photography: Nathan McGinty
editing: Scott Calonico
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