26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Quirin  Fate in spite of
Quirin  Fate in spite of
Quirin  Fate in spite of

Quirin Fate in spite of

director: Petr Jedlička
country: Czech Republic
running time: 9 min.


The documentary deals with the life of my brother Ing. Quirin Jedlička. My brother and I are twins and we were born on January 31, 1953. During the birth, my brother suffered an injured cerebral palsy. The doctors did not give our mother any chance for his next life. He did not walk or sit for three years, etc. Gradually, however, mainly thanks to the huge efforts of our mother, he managed to stabilize his condition and gradually, albeit with considerable delay, learned to do things that his peers had long since mastered. We started elementary school. The situation has changed since the second class. The new teacher wanted to have a "socialist class" and so she proposed to include pupils who differed in some way in an auxiliary school. She succeeded in several cases, but not with my brother. Every year (up to 5th grade), the mother had to bring confirmation from the Children's Hospital that the brother did not look completely socialistically prescribed, but that she was perfectly fine in terms of intelligence, quite the opposite. It was better from sixth to ninth grade. Subsequently, he passed the grammar school exams and graduated in 1972. In the same year, he was accepted to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Brno University of Technology. He graduated in 1977. His brother began to devote himself to literary and artistic work. He managed to get a room, which he turned into a studio. There he paints and creates. He organized a total of more than 20 solo exhibitions, participated in many collective exhibitions, and was invited to several domestic and foreign painting symposia. His paintings are mostly abstract, drawing on nature, colorful and generally optimistic. As for literary endeavors, he published a total of 10 poetry collections / Petrov, Větrné mlýny, Šimon Ryšavý /. Ladislav Fuks and Arnošt Goldflam, for example, spoke favorably of his literary work. My brother and I reconstructed an old cottage and my brother often stays there. He did not get married and now pays his care to our mother, with whom he lives in Brno. So in summary, initially without a chance, in the end a life lived and filled with work and creation. 

(director's text)


Petr Jedlička je akademický sochař, narozen 31. 1. 1953.  Vystuduval Akademii výtvarných umění v Sofii v Bulharsku.  Působí jako pedagog na Vyšší odborné škole restaurátorské v Brně. Měl samostatné výstavy v ČR, Rakousku, Bulharsku a účastnil se na  kolektivních  výstavách v ČR, Bulharsku, Japonsku, Korei, Španělsku, Kanadě, Slovensku a také na výtvarných sympoziích v Polsku, Bulharsku, Japonsku, Korei, Norsku a na Slovensku. 

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director: Petr Jedlička
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