26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Paradise
The Paradise
The Paradise
The Paradise
The Paradise
The Paradise

The Paradise

director: Dulce Ferreira Sanchez
original title: El Paraiso
country: Venezuela
year: 2018
running time: 93 min.


The film consists of video tapes made by the filmmaker’s father documenting daily scenes of family life, family celebrations, and holidays over the course of fifteen years. The tapes are a mixture of the personal and the political – the father was politically engaged in the revolutionary movement that brought Hugo Chávez to power. The family’s life becomes a backdrop for political and economic developments in Venezuela and their impact on the lives of ordinary citizens. Throughout the entire film, Ferreira offers commentary full of personal memories and historical facts. At the end, she returns to her family home, which has changed been recognition. 

"When I found my father's family tapes it was almost a revelation, I felt a strong need to tell the history of my country through its lens. A metaphor for what we were and what we are, reconstruction and reborn." D. Ferreira


Dulce Ferreira (1987) is a Venezuela-born artist and director. She initially studied sociology, and later studied documentary film in combination with the social sciences in Barcelona. In 2012 she and her partner Guillermo Brinkmann founded the Scriptura Films production company in Venezuela. She holds courses and workshops on filmmaking and documentary work. 

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director: Dulce Ferreira Sanchez
producer: Guillermo Brinkmann Medina
script: Dulce Ferreira Sanchez, Guillermo Brinkmann Medina
photography: Guillermo Brinkmann Medina, Jose Ferreira Sanchez
editing: Guillermo Brinkmann Medina, Dulce Ferreira Sanchez
sound: Guillermo Brinkmann Medina
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