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Recuerdo of Two Sundays and Two Roads That Lead to the Sea

director: Bibsy M. Carballo
original title: Recuerdo of Two Sundays and Two Roads That Lead to the Sea
country: Philippines
year: 1969
running time: 16 min.


This melancholic documentary chronicles funeral rituals in the small fishing village of Navotas. The sea is a source of livelihood, but also a place where the dead rest. From their graves on the shore, they gaze out at the endless horizon and the setting sun. This 1969 film bids farewell not only to the dead, but also to a dying tradition. Today, Navotas is the largest fishing port in Southeast Asia.


Dolores “Bibsy” Marquez Carballo (1941–2016) was an editor, producer, and journalist. She produced the Philippine feature film Himala (1982), directed by Ishmael Bernal. The film was nominated for the Golden Bear in Berlin.

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director: Bibsy M. Carballo
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