26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Dialogue with Ceauşescu
Dialogue with Ceauşescu
Dialogue with Ceauşescu

Dialogue with Ceauşescu

director: Ion Grigorescu
original title: Dialog cu Ceauşescu
country: Romania
year: 1978
running time: 7 min.


In a silent recording of a studio performance, filmed twice in succession on the same 8mm film, Ion Grigorescu, wearing the mask of the Romanian president, sits in a chair next to Ion Grigorescu, both facing the camera, alternately delivering speeches whose fading, illegible transcript partially over-laps the depicted scene of an imaginary dialogue between a citizen and totalitarian power.

MNAC Bucharest – The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Romania


Ion Grigorescu (1945), filmmaker, conceptual artist, photographer, painter, author of collages and comics. In 2007, he followed up his film Interview with Ceaușescu with a video called Post-Mortem Interview with Ceaușescu.

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director: Ion Grigorescu
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