26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Video A

Video A

director: Pawel Kwiek
original title: Video A
country: Poland
year: 1974
running time: 3 min.


Standing in the middle of a television studio, the director of the film barks orders at the cameraman, who obediently listens. Alternating between three different cameras based on the cadence of the director’s instructions, we get a glimpse of how the whole filming process has been set up. Kwiek's performance was broadcast live on a show dedicated to the works of members from the Workshop of the Film Form (Warsztat Formy Filmowej).


Paweł Kwiek (1951) is one of the founding members of the Workshop of the Film Form (Warsztat Formy Filmowej). He is one of the first Polish artists to experiment with video. In his playful technological performances, the focus is on the body, the medium, and the viewer.

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director: Pawel Kwiek
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