26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Wakis, tree hunters

Wakis, tree hunters

director: Tanguy Djaka Yarissi
original title: Wakis, chasseur d'arbres
country: France
year: 2020
running time: 29 min.


Wakis, a lumberjack in the Central African Republic, works with his family collecting wood to process into charcoal. But faced with its increasing scarcity—and to avoid conflicts with his neighbours—he must “hunt” trees further and further away from his production site. Tanguy Djaka Yarissi creates an accurate social chronicle about the insecurity of a traditional trade.


Tanguy Djaka Yarissi is a director of Central African nationality. He was one of ten young people trained by the Ateliers Varan in collaboration with the Alliance Française of Bangui. He had followed the training for seven weeks, at the end of which he made his first short film: Dieu beni gives up his weapon. In 2019, Tanguy Djaka Yarissi directed his second documentary film: Wakis, tree hunter.

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director: Tanguy Djaka Yarissi
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