26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Cláudia Alves

country: Portugal
profession: Director
institution: Freelancer
attending: -
Cláudia Alves is a documentary filmmaker who lives between Lisbon and Paris. She studied filmmaking at the International Film School of San Antonio de Los Baños (Cuba). Earlier she graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon and has also studied in the Fine Arts’ Academy of Brera, Milan. Her work explores cultural differences, personal memories and collective memory. Actually, she has one documentary project in development ("Damas", Ukbar Filmes) and another in production ("O Dia Inicial", Blablabla Media). She has collaborated with many other artists in the development and production of documentary projects. In 2021 she joined the mentors’ team of the DocNomads master at Lusófona University.
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