27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Lidia Duda

country: Poland
phone: +48 697 109 700
profession: Director
institution: Freelancer
attending: 26. 10. 2022 - 30. 10. 2022
Lidia Duda – screenwriter and documentary film director. Her achievements include several important documentaries. A two-time winner of the Grand Prix at the Krakow Film Festival for her films “Hercules” (2005) and “Entangled” (2012). A Grand Prix winner at: Chicago, New York, Houston, Istanbul, Mexico, Moscow, Banff, Canton and Prague film festivals. Winner of Marco Zucchi Award for “Fledglings” at Locarno Film Festival in 2022 r. Duda is a Grand Press laureate for "My Home in Pietrasze". She has worked as an independent artist for several years. A member of the Association of Polish Filmmakers, Polish Academy of Film and Polish Documentary Film Directors Guild.
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