27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Laurie Lasalle

country: France
profession: Director
institution: Freelancer
attending: 26. 10. 2022 - 28. 10. 2022
Laurie Lassalle is a director, editor and musician. In 2014, she directed her first medium-length fiction film, "I made my own path down the Passive Rivers", selected at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes. Then she shot "Je suis Gong" (Association Mille Visages) - multiple festivals, Jury Prize and Best Documentary at the Franco-Arab Festival. Today, she co-writes with Lucille Dupré a long fiction script and shoots a documentary at the ZAD of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes in France. Boum Boum is her first feature film, selected at Cinéma du Réel.
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